Thoughtful Tuesday – Writing is Like a Milkshake

I think I broke my foot.  Why do I think this?  Well, the shooting pains with each attempt to put weight on it might be a small indicator.  So now I am stuck sitting – what does one do while sitting and hating each minute of it? I tend to think of things I love.  Today that is ice-cream and writing.

Here is my theory.  Writing is a lot like a milkshake, or at least it follows the same process in being made.  You dump huge chucks of ice-cream into a blender, that would be out first draft.  Later you add some milk and maybe a few other add-in’s, that might be more like a second draft.  At some point you turn on the blender, watching it whirl to life.  It spins and churns, becoming smooth and creamy.  Once you turn off the blender and the small hurricane in the center of your molten treat dissipates, you can see how you transformed some chunks and liquid into a smooth wonderland of taste – the final draft. Sure you might see a stray cookie chuck or the top isn’t as smooth as you had thought at first, but that is much like when we finally decide we need to step away and give our book a chance.  This is the point where we sit back and enjoy the fruits of our labors.
What is your job like?  Or do you think you have a better way to describe a creative process?


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