Fun Fact Friday-Ghosts Jenny’s Way

Even well established writers have doubts and struggles.  When they break into a new sub-genre, within their established genre, the questions will fly.

Jenny’s Inspiration

 Amazon Interview

SEP: What gave you the most difficulty writing Maybe This Time and what gave you the most joy?

JC: Difficult–Ghosts. Ghosts are not easy to write without getting cheesy. Also, I generally do not write horror so the I-wants-to-make-your-skin-creep parts were a real departure for me.

Joy–The kids. I’m living with two little girls right now, ages eight and 11, and I stole from them to write Alice. Alice was so much fun to write. Not so much fun to live with in the book, but to write? Alice rocks.

SEP: How do the stories you want to tell now differ from the ones you wanted to tell when you started writing? How are they the same?

JC: Such good questions. Are you a writer, too? Oh, wait. Never mind.

I had no idea how difficult writing fiction was when I started so I just wrote stories. Then I Learned My Craft. Now I spend a lot of time staring into space, thinking about how much I don’t know and panicking. So it’s harder. But the books are better, more complex, better structured, better written. Also I’m kind of over that Oh-My-God-They-Have-To-Have-Sex-Right-Now-Let-Me-Describe-It-In-Graphic-Detail. I figure anybody reading my books has either had sex or seen it on cable so maybe there’s something more interesting in the characters’ lives to describe in depth. Like, oh, GHOSTS!

My two-cents:

Maybe This Time by Jennifer Cruise is a great read for Halloween.  It’s creepy to say the least.  Ghosts hold two children captive, while a quirky woman makes every effort to rescue them and find herself.  There are romantic elements everywhere along with lots of story line to increase the creepy factor.  I couldn’t sleep with the lights out for a couple of nights.  What are your favorite Halloween Reads?

Do you believe in ghosts?


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