Fun Fact Friday – Jennifer Cruise isn’t Funny?

If you asked yourself who you were, what adjectives would you use?  Witty?  Caring? Interesting?  What is your writing like – if you write anyway.  Well author Jennifer Cruise, whom I find to have some great one-liners wouldn’t describe herself as funny.

I would not describe myself as a funny writer, nor would I describe my books as comedies. I may be the only person in the world who thinks I don’t write comedy, but that’s okay because when it comes to defining me, I’m the only one who counts. I’ll take “sharp,” I’ll take “true,” I’ll take “obsessed with community,” but I will not take “comic.” That’s not me.  Jennifer Crusie

How we see ourselves usually doesn’t line up with how others view us.  Is it crazy that a Romance writer who writes some comedy romance wouldn’t see herself as funny?


5 thoughts on “Fun Fact Friday – Jennifer Cruise isn’t Funny?

  1. kellyhashway says:

    I remember when I was teaching, my students thought I was hysterical. I didn’t think I was funny at all. It’s amazing how our own perceptions of ourself can differ so much from the way others view us.

    • M. Ziegler says:

      That’s funny that you had no idea. At least your weren’t the teacher walking around thinking you were a stand-up comedian just to find out that no one else agreed 🙂

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