What Happened Wednesday

Daughter to bed, dinner leftovers put away, dogs have been fed, and maybe a load of laundry got done.  Now time to #write.  Hot chocolate in hand I am editing my story – uh, well actually I am writing a post then the story.  I have a short story that might have some promise, so that is taking precedent over my novel length manuscript.  I am working on showing and removing most of my tell. So maybe the post should read like this:

The murmurs of my sleeping baby girl accompany the snores of content dogs as I settle down for a few moments of being productive.  Steam rises from the small green mug that was last-year’s mothers day gift.  Small smiles from my daughters photo great me with each sip.  The aroma of the nights lasagna still linger, permeating the house and reaching me in my office. I tab away at each key forming a word that will change  my entire sentence.

I’m working on it.  I still think there is some tell in there but I have a hard time finding them all.

3 thoughts on “What Happened Wednesday

  1. juliesanocki says:

    That was lovely! I could picture you sitting in a cozy corner desk, sipping cocoa and reading over it one more time.

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