Thoughtful Tuesday – What Gets You through the Week?

What makes your life just a little more manageable?  For me it’s writing.  If I don’t write I feel lost, frustrated, and just generally off balanced.  What gets you through your weeks?  What helps pass the day and relieve stress?  You can say exercise but be aware I will probably question your sanity level.   🙂

We made it through another Monday, that in itself marks a good week.  If it helps, start calling Monday – Chocolate, as my friend has started doing for me.  Believe it or not, not reading the evil “M” word is helpful some weeks. If Monday isn’t your nemesis I am sure something is.


4 thoughts on “Thoughtful Tuesday – What Gets You through the Week?

  1. Nicki Mann says:

    For me, blogging and writing, and it helps if I have a project to work on, like my Seasons Readings thing right now. Also my dogs and cat are great for cuddling and playing, making me feel appreciated and happy!

    • M. Ziegler says:

      Animals Canberra the best therapy 🙂 glad you have a project. I think I have too many some days. I’m working on reading too, my darters been sick and that means very cranky kid that never sleeps.

      • Katherine Checkley says:

        I’m with you…writing. I’m also with you on the exercise thing 🙂 More and more I’ve been realizing that writing is my true passion (sounds cliche, but doesn’t feel cliche!) and knowing that no matter what, I’ll always have that in my life, gets me through the tough days.

      • M. Ziegler says:

        That does not sound cliche. Usually something that starts as a hobby eventually ends up showing us out true passions. The good news is that we are far more likely to turn writing into some sort of job over say, scrap-booking 🙂 Although I love that too.

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