Building a Platform and Social Media

Yesterday I spent time with some friends that discussed the importance of platform building.  For small businesses to writers, a lot of marketing lands on the shoulders of the individuals that make up the company.

Since I am gearing my blogs to writers, authors, and fans of books I am focusing on this profession for the remainder of this post. Branding yourself can be the most important thing you ever do especially as a writer.  How does one start?

Well if you look up the statistics of what social media has the largest piece in the pie of Social Media you need to get in on Facebook.  Start an author OR writer page.  If you aren’t published yet don’t worry.  It doesn’t hurt to start early.  Start to follow agents, authors, and anyone else who might speak on topics of interest to you.

Next, supposedly is Twitter. Now I am behind on this too.  I will need to sign up soon, which sounds rather painful since I don’t get twitter yet.  But the same rules apply.  If you are a known author publicize your account on your web page or blog.  If you are a writer, who is still waiting for publication, sign up anyway.  Follow people and get yourself out there.

For the above social media examples, make meaningful comments so that people are interested in finding your site.

There are about 10 other forms of Social Media that all share a small piece of the publicity pie; start with the first two and you can branch out later.

The truth is that publishers want to see some kind of platform.  Sure everyone wants to see 10,000 followers but anything is better then nothing.

Next, start a blog or webpage.  This can be considered your “Home.”  WordPress and Blogspot are the two most known for doing so.  An author, Carla Laureano, gave me this analogy.  You have to be able to direct people to somewhere from everywhere.  Meaning, use Twitter and Facebook to drum up visits to your site.

The above ways can all be free.  Maybe later I will talk about what you can and should pay for at some point in your career. For now try not to spend more then 10% of your time networking.  At some point you need to write.

What do you do for social networking?  What have you found are the best ways to drum up a following?


8 thoughts on “Building a Platform and Social Media

  1. Nicki Mann says:

    I have an author page on Facebook, but so far the only people who have “liked” me are people that are already my friends on my regular profile! I also have a webpage and a blog. I have Twitter but I never post anything… I always forget about it! Poor Twitter.

    • M. Ziegler says:

      I just got onto twitter and I guess I will have to publish Facebook. I have a fear of people I know personally knowing I write…. I know. I’m special. So in your case, at least you have likes. I guess the difference is published vs not too.

  2. kimhaas says:

    I recently dipped my toes into the world of Twitter (@KimHaasWrites). Still getting the hang of it. Also recently got an iPhone which might make it easier , more accessible. I hadn’t thought of creating an author Facebook page before actually publishing a book but I am thinking about it now. Good post:)

    • M. Ziegler says:

      I plan to list how to start an author page on Facebook, incase you don’t know. I didn’t. Anyway I have heard from several writers, authors, and a few agents to start one if its the only thing you do. Facebook is still the biggest thing in social media out there.

  3. juliesanocki says:

    What I love is how easy it is to integrate all your social media. My blog posts automatically sent out a message on my Facebook author page and my Twitter, and my tweets and Facebook posts also go to the other platform. It makes it a whole lot easier and less stressful.

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