Fad Books

Every year or so a book, well actually a series normally, comes out and becomes the next big thing.  What makes these books The Books to follow?  I got into all of them, but there have been other books that I have been chomping at the bit to get the next installment or find another book by the same author.

The largest, I think, of the fad book series have been:

                             Harry Potter


 The Hunger Games

 Fifty Shades of Grey

 Stephanie Plum novels

Did you read them what did you think?  Most of the series that people go nuts for are all YA also.  Fifty Shades was one of the only adult books that I have heard this much hype on.

Other series that have a following but nothing like the above and probably have better writing are:

 The Darkest Powers books – I actually liked these almost more than Twilight. Better writing but not as much of a love story.

A series I think that has been undiscovered is The Need series.  Loved it about as much as Harry Potter – although Harry Potter’s Characters were a little more realistic and not as needy.  Still loved it.

Adult series are harder.  Actually there aren’t as many.

The Black Dagger Brotherhood series – frankly I’d read these over Fifty any day.

The Chinooks Hockey Series – traditional romance, or well contemporary.  I would also have picked this over Fifty.

Then there is a list of books that are not a series that I loved and have stayed in my mind forever.  The question is, what makes some a fad or a craze over others that a better story?

I suppose if we knew the answers we wouldn’t be unpublished or waiting to appear on the NY Times best sellers lists.

What do you think on the books that start a craze? Is the reason because of the characters or the plots?

There are lots of authors I follow.  Who knows maybe one of them will be the next big thing?

(I’ve only posted a few authors book covers.  )

5 thoughts on “Fad Books

    • M. Ziegler says:

      I am reading the Hunger Games and they’re well written. The second book I’m not sure if I kept reading because I liked the book or I wanted to see where the romance goes. Let me know what you think if you cave 🙂

  1. Nicki Mann says:

    I read all of the Harry Potter books when they first came out, although I can’t remember if I really enjoyed them or just read them because my roommate at the time begged me to! I have not read any of the other books you’ve mentioned, although I did see the first Twilight movie. The books I enjoy tend to be things that the majority doesn’t get very excited about, I guess!

    • M. Ziegler says:

      I have to say that I can’t figure out how I got through several of these books…not HP though. I did enjoy those. Twilight is such a cult series. I like such a range of books that I will try to read nearly anything and then ask why later 🙂

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