Music to My Manuscript

Who doesn’t write to some kind of soundtrack.  Aren’t all books movies in the authors head?

Have you ever lacked the motivation to finish what you started?  Or worse, lacked the motivation to fix what is broken?  Well I have and I am sure I am not alone.

Lately, and if you follow my other posts you know, I am at a delete and repeat  crossroad.  That is assuming if I write at all.  I’ve written several other manuscripts and never had such an issue with middles before.  Finally it came to me.  I am missing the soundtrack to my books life.

Every manuscript I write has had a soundtrack.  A song that pulled me through a scene.  I am branching out to new music now because my current playlists don’t fit the witty romance genre’s well.  Okay, that’s not a real genre but you understand what I am saying.

The hunt is now on. I am scouring the pop world of music.  No I am not listening to sappy romantic songs, that would probably lull me into a coma or make me write something completely different.  I need upbeat energy.

So while I sit here trying to get back to work I have a soundtrack in my head.  This is helping me add scenes that I never knew would occur.  My characters are a little wacky and off the wall, and they write their own stories.  The issue has been that apparently I wasn’t giving them anything to dance to, move with, or inspire them to live their lives on paper.

Happy writing. What is your soundtrack?  Or do you use a different method to move your characters onto the next step in their story?


8 thoughts on “Music to My Manuscript

  1. Kelly Hashway says:

    My characters tend to take off and I have to try to keep up. I find music for my manuscripts after I write them. That way the songs can reflect the message and the tone of the story. That’s just me though.

  2. Lynn A. Davidson says:

    I had never thought about a soundtrack as inspiration to my characters. I wonder how common that is, especially interesting if you mean the story has its own soundtrack. I know some writers like music playing while they write, but I don’t know that this is something that would inspire me as much as distract me. I had tried classical music but I find quiet works usually better for me.

    I’m at a place in my novel where three different dramas have to be resolved, then it’s on to the finale. For me, it’s just getting down to the actual writing – not relying on methods but on commitment to getting back into the story and watching my characters and listening to them. In the meantime, they wait. And wait.

    Great topic. 🙂

    • M. Ziegler says:

      I am not sure how common this is. But i use different songs to inspire my characters and the mood of a chapter. Usually I already see what the characters are going to do but the music helps the chapter flow – or at least it does for me.

  3. Claudine Gueh says:

    Usually it’d be ‘Acoustic Pie’ ~ a radio station from Live 365 Internet Radio. And I drift along to whichever folk/acoustic song it’s playing. The music isn’t really for the particular manuscript or WIP, but rather for my current mood to get things swinging.

    • M. Ziegler says:

      That is another way to use music, to simply get you moving. I guess in a way that is how i use music but it had to reflect the chapter i am working on or the scene. Thanks for the comment!

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