Am I Stuck in One Genre?

For a writer who is yet to be published it might be a concern to which genre do they try to get published in.  Whatever you start in could set you up for great success, but could limit your chances of changing over in the future.

Several authors I have loved since the start have been making a change from romance to paranormal romance in recent years.  Are they doing so successfully?  I would think yes since they have not stopped with one book.

There are several authors out there who have adopted pen names in order to change between genres or even just transition from major series.  I understand changing to a pen name for a drastic change in genre but fail to understand the change from series to series.  This approach can get a little confusing to the reader who is trying to figure out what other books their favorite author has written.

The question is, once you start in a genre how hard is it to transition to another?  As a writer waiting to get their first contract I think you will write in whichever genre gets you the ever elusive agent or publisher.  But when all is said and done what if you heart really wants to write something different?

How many genres have you written in before being published, or while you are waiting to be published?


2 thoughts on “Am I Stuck in One Genre?

  1. Fi Phillilps says:

    I’m a firm believer that you should write in the genre that feels right, rather than forcing yourself into a genre because you think it’s more likely to get you a deal. My novels are firmly in the fantasy arena. I’m happy and confident there. It’s a good fit. Why would I want to be anything other than what is true to me?

    • M. Ziegler says:

      I would agree, write what you love since writing is supposed to be a dream job. I know a few people that have gotten contracts on books they are tired of writing but happen to be good at the genre. Thanks for your thoughts.

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