A self-published Friend said…

Okay. I have a friend who is a writer-or well, an author now. She gave up on traditional publishing and went for it. Tired of trying to fit into a cookie cutter format. (This post is for all thw writrs who don’t know where they fit in genre.)

She slf-published on Amazon. It took her a week and then she had a baby so I can’t tell you how much it stunk to get it completely done, but it did take her a full week.

She is very happy with her choice. She got to publish her story. She didnt have to fight to appease an agent, but now what? I guess only time will tell. She is a great example of not knowing what genre to market as. Political, paranormal, romantic, thriller…huh?

She made her choice based on the few authors out there that have made it big in self publishing. But the reality is that less then 10% make any money. Or that is what larger groups such as, Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, claims. I think that like every writer out there we ignore the odds and think “why not me.” The truth is why can’t we become the exception? No one can know they will or won’t be.

I am not a risk taker, so as of right now I will continue to fight the traditional route, but I want to help my friend out. See the link below for her book.

If you have a great story on self publication please send me a note and let me know. I wouldn’t mind doing a blog to help promote others books, self published or traditionally. We can all use the help right?


Blood Mage

All Alexis Richmond wants is for life to be somewhat normal again. What she gets
is trapped in the girls’ restroom by a knife-wielding classmate, who blames her
for being forced to go to school in a lovely prison-like setting for national
security reasons. But Alexis can’t help that her father was catapulted into the
presidency when the U.S. Capitol was annihilated during the State of the Union
Address. Or that he still hasn’t found the terrorists responsible for blowing
every major city on the planet into a post-apocalyptic state. All Alexis can do
is to try to defend herself from this crazy girl. Then her late mother’s locket
starts glowing and sending waves of energy coursing down her arms, and she
nearly launches her attacker through the puke pink wall of the school

Fantasy becomes alarmingly real in Alexis’s already shattered
world when she learns from her aunt that she is descended from a family of
powerful mages and warned to trust no one. Thrust into Alexis’s life through
school and for those annoying security reasons, the vice president’s playboy
son, Zachary Godard, claims to have the answers about the magical legacies their
families don’t want them to know. Alexis tries to fight her dangerous attraction
to Zachary but knows that he understands her as only another mage can. Leaping
down the rabbit hole hand in hand, together they overhear a secret society of
sorcerers, the Blood Mage Order, plotting to take over the globe. As the two
young mages struggle to stop the Order and save their country, they discover
just how deep the world domination conspiracy goes. And Alexis will realize that
nothing is black and white. Especially not magic.


So if you have a strong stomach and want to try the less known paths to publication go for it.


6 thoughts on “A self-published Friend said…

  1. carol hedges says:

    Very good luck to your friend – as you know – because you just left a comment on my blog – I have self-published an ebook. And now the hard work begins!! Check out 2 previous blogs: the ebook has landed/ebook Virgin at Large. Love to take you up on your offer of some publicity. I’m assuming I won’t make any money – tho’ anything I make is bonus, as it cost nothing to prepare and upload in the first place. The ‘goodies’ come from blogging, and meeting up with like minded writers, like you.

    • M. Ziegler says:

      I like your way of thinking! I did see you self published. I loved the cover. I was rather curious how you got the cover to look so professional – not meaning that you aren’t professional. My friend had a tough time with her cover. She had wanted to hirer a graphic designer but the costs were more then what she could handle, a few thousand. Anyway, I will do a blog post to help publicize your book no problem! Maybe we can do a quick Q and A or something to add to the blog. I guess a Q and A counts as a blog tour or interview doesn’t it? Maybe I will keep Sunday Posts for posts of books and what not.

    • M. Ziegler says:

      Agreed. You are your own editor, marketing agent, publisher, etc, etc. I give my friend kudos which is why I want to help her and any other self-pubs any way I can.

  2. Nicki Mann says:

    I have two self-published books (and I’d be glad to send you one if you’re interested!) I know I will never make as much money as a traditionally published author. However, I sort of consider writing a hobby and passion, more than a career. It tickles me to see that hundreds of people have downloaded my books, even if that was on the days when I offered them for free on Kindle. It would be awesome if this someday did become a career, but for now I am just happy having my work out there in the world!

    • M. Ziegler says:

      I would be more than happy to do a post on your books. I like a small blurb on you, maybe why you choose self publication or what your book means to you.

      it still sounds super promising that you’ve sold hundreds. Sure it’s not millions but everyone has to start somewhere. Like you said your books are in print and out there for people to read! I’m glad you had the courage to go for it.

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