Where do I go from Here

I feel that this is a topic a lot of writers find themselves asking.  Where does one gain publishing credits? 

Has anyone else run into this issue?  The free options or pay options generally will only accept articles from those already published.  The contests that you have to pay for generally I won’t place in.  That wouldn’t bother me accept I fail to understand why I did not place.  Some contests allow for you to pay extra in order to get feedback, but you could go broke trying this attempt.   Most don’t offer feedback at all.

Maybe this will help meI try to come up with clever quirky ideas for those magazines that will take unsolicited articles, but you are writing, usually, for a future issue or maybe not one at all.  It’s hard to get your foot into the door anywhere.  Can I claim my poem that was published when I was ten in some book collection?  I am going with no. 

So – I have no credits to name on a query and I never seem to be the lucky person to get any feedback from an agent or an editor.  How do I improve or get anywhere if no one who “matters” will give me any information on where I went wrong.  The term “I did not resonate with your story” doesn’t mean anything to me.  

So I can’t get any publishing credit to get on the radar and I can’t get past the slush pile in most agents offices;  where do I go from here?

4 thoughts on “Where do I go from Here

  1. Jennifer M Eaton says:

    Have you tried looking at anthologies? I recently did on a whim, and nabbed my first pub credit. Then I tried another on a whim. BAM Second pub credit.

    I’m working on a third now, and trying my best to complete my novel at the same time. Every credit you get makes your query look a little more shiny 🙂

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