Where does your inspiration come from? I look around at my life and realize I am my own inspiration. Sure, I get inspiration from people and places in the community but it all has to do with me and where I go.

Sometimes I get mad at my parents and at their not so great way of bringing me up, but then I wouldn’t have all these issues to work from. Isn’t it true that sometimes writing is a way to work through your own problems? My problems show up as the flaw in my heroine. My own problems fuel my characters and give me the base of each story. Sure they change a little here and there, and usually in the end the character over comes her problem, I generally do not. But, hey who’s judging.Take Charge of your writing

My inspiration doesn’t just stem from my life, although those are the parts that I think help make my characters come alive.

The usual places help rejuvenate me. Like the book store. What writer doesn’t still love the smell of books. Nothing can make me want to write more than smelling books. Other places such as off the wall tourist attractions spark ideas too.  I love to people watch and look for the over the top person who is defiantly enjoying their life.

Whenever I think I might be running low on ideas I remember life. Life is the best inspiration of all.
Where does your inspiration come from?  Do you see the world as a glass half full or half empty.  I suppose if you write suspense or horror maybe a half empty view is beneficial?


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