The ah-ha Moment

My story isn’t going where I thought it would, it also isn’t moving much at all.  So while I drive my hour to work, I contemplate what is stopping my story from flowing.  The ah-ha moment hit me.  My heroine isn’t motivated.  She was when I started the book, but somewhere between chapters 1 and 5 she forgot what made her do something drastic.

The moment it all hits you

I know I recently blogged about simply writing your story and fixing issues later but there is a time in every book where you have to stop and go “Where the heck was I going with this?”  If you don’t know then the best bet might be to stop and sit for a minute.

Because I work full time, have a busy toddler, a husband-who can be helpful when he thinks about and extended family that does not understand that I like to have a life outside of their, my writing can be slow at times.  It’s easy to lose focus from day to day.  When I start to write again I usually go back a chapter in order to regroup and see what my last brilliant moment was.  Does anyone else realize their ‘brilliant’ moments might have been three chapters back?

This can cause me to have to do some deleting.  The good news, when I truly do inspired writing which is normally-in my world anyway, I get a lot done in the time I do have.


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