Snuffing Out Your Light

You as a writer have the best idea ever.  You know you do.  It will sell and make you rich.  Millions will love it.  That’s what you dreamt about yesterday anyway.  Today someone just stomped on your heart.

Chase your idea The best advice I might have heard for this issue is, “Write what you want and ignore everyone else…for now.”

 Stop the madness:

There will be a time to listen to the critique group or your writing partner.  There will be a time when you need to make sure you edit.   There will be a time when you need to rewrite fifty pages.  But that can all wait until you are done. 

 Stop trying to fix what isn’t yet broken:

Ideally it would be nice to write it all once and be done but that is not the reality of writing a book.  Don’t let this ruin your creativity.  Editing and Creativity use opposite sides of the brain.  Trying to do both at the same time usually ruins one or the other action and you end up accomplishing neither.

 Stop finding excuses:

What do you mean you don’t have the time, or you have writers block?  Well,  fix it.  When I need to find my motivation I usually wait for my daughter to wake up and suck all my time up.   Okay, so that isn’t a 100% accurate.  Yes I do seem to get most of my ideas while it is highly inconvenient but not on purpose.  I am not telling you have a child to give you more inconvenient times either.  Because now, I have all these ideas and no time to write them.      

 Stop the worry.

Don’t worry about what the trend is today because by the time you get your book to the publisher trends will have changed.  Write what is in your heart.  Don’t worry what someone might think about the book as it stands today – or well do but only in a subjective manner.  Don’t worry that your manuscript might never see the light of day.  The crystal ball isn’t working so you have no way of controlling the future. 

 So for today I am ignoring the advice that my grammar should be impeccable the first time through.  I am ignoring that I have a plot issue, because it won’t ruin the flow of the story.  I am letting the writing flow freely and I hope by the end of August I will be ready to start my edits.  This is most likely not a realistic goal but heck why change that now.

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