Grammar and ‘The Rules’ continued…

I took off a week from my blog.  Why, you ask?  Because i was going to write.  Well, as it turned out I did not. But I still enjoyed my week, minus the shootings in Aurora Colorado.  That is closer to my house then I would like.  There is just so much crazy in the world; it’s odd how I don’t escape to my writing more often.  Writing is supposed to be fun, too bad when it comes to editing it becomes more of a chore and I just can’t motivate myself enough.

I need a miracle, or a VERY large piece of chocolate.


Thank goodness we live in the day of technology.  As most writers know, there are critiques, and suggestions, and books everywhere. I can’t begin to tell you what are the best or the worst. What I can say is that there are a few things that have helped me.
There are several books everyone says a writer to should read. Who is everyone?  Well, everyone that thinks they know the best.  One book that I hear often is Strunk and white’s Elements of Style.

I do agree that Strunk and White have some great rules of grammar but i don’t feel like they really touch on everything a writer needs to be aware of.  First being – what is a comma splice.  Granted they do touch on proper comma usage.  Still how would I know that I use comma splices? Granted not all comma splices are errors – too bad for me I can’t get my critique group to buy that.

Other resources include on the internet.

Rules on what to capitalize

All Rules of grammar for the student

Rules to not doom your work from Writers Digest

Does anyone else have great resources they have found throughout their writing adventures?

One thought on “Grammar and ‘The Rules’ continued…

  1. Kelly Hashway says:

    Rules are great to know because then you can break them. I love using fragments in my writing. But I do agree that you need to know the rules first. I’m also an English major. 🙂

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