Happy Independance Day to the USA

Happy Independence day to my dear country.  I felt motivated to write this post because although the idea of becoming an author has the appeal of independence and freedom, it too comes with a price.

July 4th would normal mark the biggest day in US history. This year I suppose it still does but we won’t be celebrating with fireworks thanks to the dry, very dry, conditions. My state has eleven fires. Two fires are marked as the worst in Colorado history.

Independence for a country is never won without casualties, this is not unlike what one goes through while trying to get published.

I think back on history and how battles needed to be won, strategies changed, and ideas to be developed in order to break away from the norm a couple hundred years ago. Odd how that is fitting for writing too, with less violence I hope. Although, I have heard of burning manuscripts, deleting files, and some computers committing suicide.

What writing is all about?  I once thought it was about me loving to write.  I thought writing was all about me and my story, but the more I learn about the publishing world, the more I realize it is more about sales rather than your story and you as an author.

In order to sell your story your soul might be at stake.  You may need to rewrite chapters, delete scenes and worst of all characters.  There are casualties everywhere during the editing process and before you know it your manuscript can start to resemble a bloody battle field instead of the beautiful world you had seen your own mind.

If you want to get published-if f you are determined to find the ‘freedom’ in writing, be ready for a battle.  Remember though, in your case you will most likely find the need to surrender some , just for the sake of seeing your name in print.

Just remember you might lose a battle, but you might just win the war. Giving in and editing one chapter might get you published and show the world you could do it.  That is the end goal.  Don’t take constructive ideas as a personal attack.  We all grow from mistakes, but of course victory/success is so much nicer.

Happy Independence day to all those published writers who made it and to my country.  Too bad my country is currently on fire – and not in go get them *fired* up kind of way.

*Thank you to all those men and women who are in our armed forces.


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