Oh the pain!

After writing 42,000 words I realized I was on the wrong track. Delete 5,000 words then another 1,000 words. replace with about 500. Now? Now I peck and hunt through to redirect.

Is it cleansing to delete or not? I can’t decide. On one hand I love my new direction, on the other hand I feel like I am right where I was weeks ago. I feel like I could second guess myself forever and never really get anywhere. It’s like my car is in neutral and I can get it into drive.

Sometimes writing feels a lot like you are going nowhere. We guess and guess that we know what an agent will want. But alas, until the day someone sees your writing and love, love, loves it there is no way of knowing if what you just deleted was the ticket or not.

Back to the drawing board I guess. So far I have replaced the deleted words, but the issue is to now change the rest of the story.


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