To Blog or not to Blog

Well being that i am writing this on a blog i think that answers that!

Or does it? I write because I like to share information that I am learning with others but the truth is it takes a lot of time. I have an friend who is a newly published author and she refuses to blog. In my opinion I think her website is very boring and doesn’t give me a feel for who she is as an author or person. Is this bad? Well to me it is. I will read a book if someone’s site entertains me, I think it indicates a lot.

Some agents are claiming the same thing, that blogging helps the reader connect to their audience but the flip side is they also claim that blog tours aren’t all that beneficial. I’m not sure I agree or not. Blog tours are new to me. I am just now finding fellow authors and book reviewers…although its slow going for me since I am limited on time right now, so I try to spend it writing.

So at the moment one agent says boo to blog tours and doesn’t push blogging where as another says to go for it. Two friends of my that are writers both are against blogging…I’m not sure if it hurts sales or really frees up that much more time to write. I am curious to hear others experiences and what they have chosen to do and why.

Maybe it matters where the blog tour is and who the bloggers are?


2 thoughts on “To Blog or not to Blog

  1. itsallthelittlemoments says:

    I’m not published yet, so my opinion may not be what you need. I was naive when I started my blog; as result, I set the goal to post daily. Bad idea! With working on edits for one book, working on another, and taking care of three kids, I’m exhausted. I made a goal, so I’ll keep it. Most of the advice I received recommended it. Good luck on your decison.

    • M. Ziegler says:

      Everyone counts!! It’s good to hear what other writers think too while attempting to get published. I don’t think i could handle every day. I plan to try once a week… we will see. I have a one year old that I write about in another blog so i get how much time kids take. I give you kuddos for blogging, writing and having 3 kids!!!! Good luck. I looked at your blog, super cute!!

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