What Editors are buying…

Oh thank you God its the weekend!!  One more day and I might have gone off the deep end.

So yesterday i blogged about that I might actually be on target but i thought maybe the rest of the world would interested in what editors are buying outside of what i write.  So here’s a quick list to inform everyone.  If anyone else has information about the good old world of publishing add your comments.  I am building up my knowledge base, when i have time that is.  As we speak I can hear my child starting to wake up, so much for getting a few minutes to write.

I can’t take credit for this information – Kristin Nelson is an awesome agent who loves to share information.(http://pubrants.blogspot.com/2012/06/what-editors-have-bought-recently.html)

Whats being sold for adults:

1) Literary novels with some sort of magical element (i.e The Night Circus) 2) Multi-cultural literary novels by non-American writers 3) Voice-driven literary novels that shed light on the contemporary modern landscape for protagonists in their 20s or 30s.
In women’s fiction and romance

1) contemporary stories with small town settings 2) southern contemporary women’s fix 3) looking or romantic comedies in romance (haven’t heard that desire in a while!)


Happy writing!!


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