A Form of Flattery?

Someone once said that copying or mimicking is the best form of flattery.  I happen to disagree.  Whoever said this did not have their ideas ripped from them  and copied as their own. 


This has happened to me.  From someone who at one time I had trusted as a friend.  Slowly over time the supportive help dwindled and became cuts on personality opposed to just work.  Slowly in her new book I saw scenes from my stories, slightly altered but it was my scene none the less. 


The latest cut is the character stealing.  It has been a year since I have been in contact with this person.  This isn’t from lack of trying.  I truly thought I could still value her as a friend I would just no longer share my writing but alas, thank you hotmail, my email never got through.  I tried several times.  Apparently was a sign from God that I should stay away and now I see why.  Her first book to actually come out happens to have my main characters name – the name is not common so this is a bit of shock.  I know for a fact her book was started a year or so after she had seen mine.  The second cut is the characters drive.  The words might as well have been cut from my query. 


I hope some day that I will look back at this and laugh while enjoying seeing my character, the first to be named this particular name, be loved and enjoyed by you the public but for now this feels like a stab in the back not flattery. 


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