The Early Bird might get the worm – BUT

Colorado is having unseasonably warm weather.  What does this do for me?  It rejuvenates me as I am sure it does for millions of others.  I love having a window open, a breeze in my hair.  Hearing the song a the early birds returning – although these birds are not super bright because once again this is Colorado.  I am waiting for the snow to return, for a last minute blizzard and then those tiny little birds are going to regret being the “Early Bird”.  For those not in Colorado the basic understanding of weather here is “If you don’t like the weather wait five minutes and it will change”.  I have had the lovely experience driving from my house to Colorado Springs and passing through summer, winter, fall and spring.  As in, bright and sunny at home, snow at Monument hill, Chilly and dreary on the way down the mountain just to end up with rain at the bottom. 


So I am going on the theory that I don’t need to be the early bird.  If I were I’d get the worm and then get hypothermia.  This is what I tell myself but of course all those in the publishing world know that it really is who gets submitted ahead of the fad or at the tip of a new craze.   As someone who writes this isn’t always good news, timing is everything and sometimes you don’t know where you are- early or late.



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