Writing is like a Fine Wine

Fine wine seems to be a great comparison for everything, except I don’t really like fine wine, so maybe it isn’t the right comparison? I prefer the boxed types, well really more of the ten dollar or less types, box optional. What can I say, I am a woman of simple tastes. Too bad writing really is like a fine wine, the more you write the better is gets – usually. And too bad that can take years just like fine wine can take years upon years to age to a proper vintage.

How many books do I have in a little plastic filing box? Well, I would rather not divulge. But I think it is safe to say that with each book I am closer to perfection, or maybe just closer to publication. Each story makes more sense than first time through, the characters have more depth and the story is more real. Some day, someone will see the potential. For now each book is like an adventure, a break from my life. Of course a little wine might help along some of these stories, but then again help is such a subjective word when it comes to writing now isn’t it.

Cheer’s to a good year and a fine vintage of story – lets hope it comes out sweet instead of bitter and dry.


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