There is still time

As it turns out the people who looked at the Mayan calendar and thought the end of the world was near were a little off.  They forgot to account for leap years, and sanity.  So thanks to the end of the world being another hoax i still have time.  I have time to raise a beautiful, if not crazy child.  I have time to lose the extra fifteen pounds that seem to cling to me as if i were the last human on the planet.  I have time to tell everyone that i love them, or strongly dislike them for that fact.  But, the best thing that i have time for is writing, ok next to best thing since I do love my family.  I still have time to write that book that has been forming in my head for months or years.  I can still find the time to place those words that are itching to get out of my mind and out onto paper for the public to read.

It makes me happy to know that we are humans are still failing at predicating the future, shocking I know.  Although, thanks to our inability to look through the crystal ball effectively I have time to chase my dreams.  Why wait another day and find out that for once the end really is near, instead I am going to start writing and along the way I hope to make new friends, give a few laughs and hopefully find that agent or publisher that will help me share my stories with the rest of humanity.  I just hope that I get published before the end of time – it does seem like this at times.

So here I go.


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